Servers Edit

General Edit

  1. How many characters can you have on each account/server?
  2. What server types will be present at launch? Are we having Normal, PvP FFA and RPvP FFA, Regular RP servers, or something else?
  3. How many servers do you expect to be at release?
  4. How many people per server?
    • During the E3 Preview, it was stated expectations are approx 15000 accounts per server, with avg 3000 people active at peak times.
  5. Can I swap servers, or am I stuck with my poor decisions?
  6. Will servers be regonalised?
    • At launch the servers will be split into two terretories, Europe and North America. The European servers will have English, German and French language servers [1]
  7. When choosing servers for your characters, you can usually through a number or something visual see how many ppl and what kind of population the server has. Will we in AoC be able to see how many guilds have been registered as well?

Plain PvP Edit

  1. On PvP servers and PvP zones can players attack their own guild members? Or rather who can you not attack?


  1. What exactly are the FFA PvP and FFA RPpvp servers going to be like?
  2. How will the FFA servers work in regards to death penalties/blood coins? I'm under the impression that you pay for blood money at border keep zone lines, but that really wouldn't be the case on a FFA servers?
  3. Is it possible for a lvl 80 to attack a lvl 70 (or less) on the FFA PvP servers?
  4. Will the FFA servers have less instancing or private instances made public
    • I'd imagine all of this to be the same regardless of server type.

PvE Edit

RP Edit

  1. Will GMs truly enforce the role playing LAWL

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