PvP Edit

  • (1) Above all else, please show us some PvP footage!
  • (2) Will tanks be able to use their strengths in PvP (which is to force enemies to attack them instead of softer targets)?
  • (3) During PvP, will tanks be able to mitigate spell damage in any meaningful way?
  • (4) How long will a 1 on 1 pvp fight last typically? (3 seconds [WoW] or 5 minutes [l2,eve,ect]

Player Skill in PvP Edit

Class vs Class Edit

  • (1) Will the Pvp be like Rock paper scissors or will any class be able to potentially beat any other class of the same level.

PvP Levels Edit

  • (1) How will pvp levels work in pvp? Will a pve-lvl 80 player with a pvp-lvl 1 be generally stronger than someone with pve-lvl 50 and pvp lvl 20 in pvp? I rephrase, what are pvp levels and how do pve and pvp levels (both) benefit you in pvp?
  • (2) Will PvP levels have any benefits to PvE players?

Blood Coins and RewardsEdit

  • (1) How does Blood Money work?
  • (2) What can you buy with Blood money?
  • (3) Can you lose items purchased by Blood Money if you lose enough?
  • (4) Are rewards for Blood Coins only armor/weapon type rewards or will you be able to display a name/title above your char?
  • (5) If you kill people and pvp non stop wil you reach a cap where you will no longer be able to buy weapons and armor thus making blood coins useless?
  • (6) Will, or how will blood money reward skill (in pvp) rather than time spent playing in the border kingdoms?
  • (7) There is much speculation that players will be "kicked" from the Border Kingdoms when they run out of Blood Coins. What is the actual plan for dealing with this situation.
  • (8) How will Blood Coins work in large scale group PvP situations (sieging) where multiple deaths in a short period of time can be expected?
  • (9) Is there a noticeable blood money loss when you die, and do you lose less when you are alone and run into 10 people who all take a swing at you?
  • (10) More info on PvP related feats (associated with blood money)?
  • (11) Can combos or abilities gained from PvP be used in PvE?

Border Kingdoms Edit

  • (1) More specific info about the Border Kingdoms and everything that will be going on there once the game is released. Is it big? Small? Do you bring your siege weapons/trebuchets, or are those only available in specific battles? If so, which battles?
  • (2) Will we be able to strategically control resources in pvp areas?
  • (3) What kinds of mini games might we find in the Border Kingdoms?
  • (4) The number of Border Kingdoms is said to be set in stone, however, can/will the number be reduced on lower population servers to encourage competition or will it remain the same regardless?

Guild vs Guild Edit

  • (1) Is there a function that enables wars between guilds in any location, or will be PvP (presuming on an non FFA server) be limited to Border Kingdoms?
  • (2) Can we have a discussion of what exactly is the benefit to a guild controlling a fort? Why are resources so important for one guild over another? This goes to the heart of why to PvP (other than just for fun). If there is only a marginal difference, the game is going to be about roaming gank squads over epic seige fights.
  • (3) Will there be an in-game diplomatic system for guilds, alliances, warrings etc.?
  • (4) In MxO, we could easily manage in-guild groups through our guild panels which simplified the chain of command and so that the members knew who from was online from each specific squad. Will there be anything similar for groups and squads in AoC?
  • (5) Will there be an RTS aspect when it comes to player cities and battle keeps (specifically player cities, just how "RTS'ish" will they be)?
  • (6) I have read much of the end game content of PvP and find it very interesting. But is seems to be fitting to large guilds. What are the end-game opportunities concerning PvP for smaller guilds, a size of 10-20 members?

Siege and Battle Keeps Edit

  • (1) Will bystanders be able to interfere in an ongoing keep siege?
  • (2) Are there even gonna be sieges at release(?), I have not heard/read/seen anything about pvp the last year+.
  • (3) Are there any plans to add more seige weapons? perhaps battering rams, scaling ladders, giant crossbow thingy etc?
  • (4) Are mammoths still a part of siege battles only, or has their use changed?
  • (5) How many battle keeps are planned per server and will there be any restrictions to entering any battle? (like max number of players, lvl restrictions for low-lvl-only mini keeps etc.).
  • (6) How long is a keep "open" to attack?
  • (7) How powerful will siege weapons be against players and NPC, is it one hit one (several) kill(s)?
  • (8) Can the siege weapons can destroy easy a wall or tower? ( i hope no )
  • (9) Are we able to use siege weapons outside of sieges (for ex: during raids against the last boss)
  • (10) Siege warfare: at what lvl can you partake in this content?

World PvP Edit

Drunken Brawling Edit

  • (1) Are there rewards for drunken Brawling, and if so what sort of rewards?

Arena Edit

  • (1) Are there rewards for arena fighting, and if so what sort of rewards?
  • (2) Will the arenas be close or even inside cities so that tournaments can be arranged?
  • (3) Can we make teams for dueling in the arenas for in-guild practice purposes?

Latency Issues Concerning PvP Edit

  • (1) Since PvP is so actively demanding of a player's attention, how much will it be affected by lag. Could you explain in some detail how these affects will be dealt with by the game?

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