These don't really have a set area, so are listed here

Miscellaneous Edit

Do We Matter?(Forums) Edit

  • (1) The suggestions written by people on this forum will be considered, and maybe in game at the launch of maybe after some patch?
  • (2) Will anything be done in the following days for the forum, because it is like all spam and stupid posts. Suggestion on forum: Wiping out ranks.
  • (3) Will more forums be added before launch for different class discussions?

Lol What? Edit

  • (1) Any clue on a few server names to wet our appetites?
  • (2) Is there a killer rabbit in the game ? would be awesome to have a white sweet bunny around killing people *gnaw*

Misc. Edit

  • (1) Have you used any Lovecraftian details to spice up AoC? The first thing that comes to mind is of course the dark nameless being that emerge from the dark waters in the gameplay trailer mentioned in the post. Howard did include hints and tributes to at least the Cthulu mythos in Conan... have you done the same`?
  • (2) Age of Conan: great game, or greatest game?
  • (3) Have you included other mini-games apart from Drunken-brawling to AoC for us to enjoy when not adventuring? If yes, what will be their rewards?
  • (4) Will you put gambling in? Possibly as a mini game in taverns?
  • (5) Will Waylayers finally be named Waylayers again?
  • (6) Since there is no auto-attack in the game, let's say your character gets into a combat with an NPC, and the internet loses connection on one side or the other, the NPC would keep attacking, and the player's character would stop. This would make the player log back in dead with death penalties for a disconnect, is there being anything done to alleviate this horrid scenario? I'm pretty sure that this happens even in WoW if you DC
  • (7) Will you ever show the map of Hyboria, with the larger regions that are going to be in the game at first, before release?
  • (8) How fast is the day/night cycle?
    • The cycle is on a 2 1/2 hour rotation for day and night at this stage.
  • (9) Will certain enemies only be seen at night/what effects past stealth bonuses will be featured during the night or day time?
    • I believe this was hinted at, depending on time of day will alter in some areas the type of creatures around.
    • I'm pretty sure that there is info on which areas are going to be included, will try find it
  • (10) Will names consist of one, two or an unlimited number of words(obviously limited characters)? Will we be able to use numbers in names?
  • (11) Blizzard have provided quite a lot of support for machinima production and as a result we have seen internet artifacts like and the

production of an entire episode of South park based in Azeroth.Obviously this have made the Blizzard PR people fluff around on puppy clouds with hysterical glee and excitement... What kind of in game machinima tools/features will we see in Age of Conan? Wireframe recorder with highress/custom-effects/enhancer texture playback? Maybe even with adjustable light sources and enhanced sub surface rendering? Camera rails where you can preplan a camera path in 3d with pre set zoom and angles? Free hosting and distribution of Hyborian based machinima? -or- Are you going to go with the 'give the poor bastards some hope' option and say: "We will see if maybe perhaps next year we can provide a client that supports detachable viewpoint camera." ?

  • (12) Can I be a slaveholder ? Are they a possible trading good in stygia / or the border kingdoms?
  • (13) Will there be any bonus/special incentive for former or current AO players?
  • (14) Is the game system based on D20?

What Are They Asking? Edit

  • (1) Will the circle be unbroken?
  • (2) Will we ever see the second part of the letter from Guate?

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