Magic Edit

  • (1) Will spells for caster classes be updated as new content and gear is released, or will gear actively raise the stats of spells as to make them competitive?
  • (2) Will there be Utility spells in the game? Seems with 80 levels of PVE there is plenty of room for these, not buffs but spells that might help crafting, gathering, defending, scouting, etc?
  • (3) How is casting handled on spells that are not instant cast? (or are there spells that are not instant cast?)
    • I think it's all instant cast, just the spellweaving when you make super spells is when it will take more time.
    • Not all of the spells are instant casts, but you can't get interupted though.

Spell-weaving Edit

  • (1) Can you tell us a bit more about how mage casting and spellweaving work?

Morphing Edit

  • (1) Can we get a preview of the morphs Herald of Xotli, lich and others?
  • (2) Classes that transform like lich and herald, will their normal armor affect their new forms' stats or will they just be preset with each lvl?
  • (3) Being that the Lich and Herald are caster classes, it stands to reason they will need caster stats. So, will they get melee bonuses based on their caster stats? Or will they run the risk of becoming like the WoW druid in that they will need multiple stats or sets of gear?

Summoning Edit

  • (1) Is it possible to release some info and maybe visuals of "summoned" weapons, is it comparable to the Anarchy online, Meta-physicist: professions which is more then a buff weapon instead of real damage dealing one.
  • (2) Will these weapons change due to lvl?
  • (3) Are these weapons the main choice for that class to use as weapons, or will they (lich and herald) be taking weapon drops along with other classes?

Pets Edit

Some information available here.
  • (1) Detailed information about the pet system..
  • (2) Is there any pet class that has a pet that heals the other pets and the actual player.
  • (3) A list of demons and pets that necro's and demonologists can summon.
  • (4) How is the pet control system? Can Necro's pets block their target (collision system), surrounding it and preventing it to move towards the caster if target can't use any knockback ability?
  • (5) Can you have pets that fight along side you? (Not exactly sure what this person means)

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