Looting,looting,looting Edit

PvP Looting Edit

  • (1) When you say you are looking into item looting what do you mean by that and is this something for launch? Will it include all items or only PvP items?
  • (2) One of the few things I read and asked for is about FFA and looting.
  • (3) If there were to be item looting will there be a FFA server without item looting? Some people don't want to deal with grinding constantly to get back up gear.

PvE Looting Edit

  • (1) What loot systems can a group chose, and how will they work?
  • (2) Will the loot always be split into the group character's private bags after each kill/fight?
  • (3) Are some items rolled for?
  • (4) When we are able to best our PVE opponents in combat will we get the ACTUAL weapons/armor they were using? If I see an NPC with a nice looking sword and I am able to beat him he should drop THAT sword not a staff.

Misc. Looting Stuff Edit

  • (1) From a corpse of a npc, can we pick up items on the cursor or it will go to the inventory first
  • (2) Can we drop items on ground, from inventory or/and from a corpse? Will it be destroyed or will it stay on the ground for some time?
  • (3) There are many of us who love the FFA PvP and not the looting of items, other than blood money. If item looting is in at release can we expect to see a FFA PvP server without the looting of items?
  • (4) Will there be a bank and plenty of inventory slots on our characters for long dungeon hauls? The 8 slot bag mentioned in certain pre-orders makes me think of the problems in other MMO's today where you get 20 mins into a dungeon and your bag are full! Please give us plenty of inventory space and room to expand.

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