Location/Console Issues Edit

PC and Xbox 360 Edit

  • (1) Will it be able to play pc vs xbox 360?
  • (2) As I am planning on playing on both 360 AND PC will I need to buy 2 games? and will I have to have separate accounts/characters for each platform?

Xbox 360 =Edit

  • (1) The 360 version WILL have voice chat right?
  • (2) EXACTLY what "exclusive content" is there going to be for the 360?
  • (3) For the Xbox 360 will we have to pay a seperate fee apart from the $50 a year for Xbox live to play AoC?

International Edit

  • (1) Can we set the game in a language and play on any server, i.e install the game in English and play on a French, German, Asian, etc server?
  • (2) Will players from different continents be able to play together? Such as US players being able to play on Asian servers, or Australian players playing on US servers?
  • (3) Why USA market 1st. why not Europe ?
  • (4) Is it possible for European players to play the US game on the US servers the same day as the Americans, the 30th October ?
  • (5) Can Europe get its own forum ?
  • (6) Will it be possible, to play on European/German Server with an Uncut (US, British) Version?
  • (7) Is only the German Version cut or does this affect also Swiss and Austrian Versions… or any others? If other versions are cut, will there be uncut versions for those areas also?
  • (8) Why French players can't pre-order the game yet on French websites to get this way the fastest delivery time ?
  • (9) What specific steps is Funcom required to take to meet government gaming regulations in different locations and how will that effect the game experience in those locations?
  • (10) What steps, if any, is Funcom taking in "good faith" to meet local standards that may NOT be required by local law?
  • (11) Since there are no current plans to establish an Australian/Oceanic server, what would you suggest all Australian/Oceanic players of Age of Conan do as far as selecting a server goes - what options do we have?
  • (12) Will ping be a major factor if I as a european play on an american server to the extent that I have no chance against a local player in PvP?

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