Interaction Edit

Bounties Edit

  • (1) More information on the Bounty system, particularly in regard to the RP-PVP/PvP servers.
  • (2) Where does it work and where will a bounty be given?
  • (3) Give an example how bounty situation would play out.
  • (4) Specifics of crimes and punishments.
  • (5) Have you considered droping the bounty system entirely for these servers?
  • (6) Will there be a penalty for killing low-levels?

Player-Player(Mail,Trade,Emotes,etc.) Edit

  • (1) Is it possible to twink our Alt characters, with any sort of equipment or effect?
  • (2) How there will be a trade between players?
  • (3) Is it possible for players to grief others while trading ? Like in the MMO that shall not be named, you had to give enchantement materials to get an item enchanted, and people could just keep them and not provide the enchantment service without being harmed ?
  • (4) Are there special emotes between femal and male playercharacters ?
  • (5) Do we get we speech bubbles? (or a similar feature)
  • (6) In another game I played there was a ingame ignore system with a limit, this was a mayor pain in the ass. So my question is, will there be a ingame ignore feature and how will it work? Will there be limitless ignores(or a really extreme limit like 1000)? Will there be a "note" option so that you can put a small textbox noting why you ignored that person.

Collision Detection Edit

  • (1) With collision being in the game what steps are being taken to prevent exploiting of the mechanic in a highly annoying way? ex. people blocking quest givers, or someone standing in a doorway that you need to get through.

Role playing Edit

  • (1) Will there be social clothing for RP situation?
  • (2) Will there be systems in place to help facilitate role playing?

Player-NPC Edit

  • (1) Will there be any NPC’s that just can’t be attacked?

Artificial Intelligence Edit

  • (1) Can we see some of the improved AI?

Factions/Reputations Edit

  • (1)Will there be factions avaliable for us to earn reputation with (in relation to the city gang wars you have been talking about and/or other parts of the game)? In other words: Will there be factions, reputation, faction quests and faction rewards in some form in AoC?Maybe even in relation to dealers and law enforcement in the noble district?

Mercenaries Edit

  • (1) Can players hire NPCs either for the group or as guards for the guildtown?How will this eventually work?

Player-Environment Edit

General stuff Edit

  • (1) Will there be usable furniture such as beds and chairs you can sit in?
  • (2) In what ways can players affect their environment?

Climbing Edit

  • (1) Will wall scaling and climbing be a skill Assassins and other rogues might want to use in a siege situation against an enemy city/keep?
  • (2) Will only rogues have the ability to climb?
  • (3) Where and in what situations can this skill be used?
  • (4) Will it be a skill we can use to scale mountains to reach areas impossible to explore without climbing?
  • (5) We know we can explore a lot of the mountains in the game, but will there only be pre-set paths for climbers to use as an alternative to walking-paths, or will climbing actually give rewards in respect to exploring new areas you just can't reach by walking?
  • (6) Will there be places you need a minimum amount of climbing skill to climb? (I guess this is logical if there is a climbing skill, and the fact that you have stated that rogues might be better at climbing than other classes
  • (7) Are we correct in assuming there will be skill-mods for climbing on equippement ? (based on the inventory video where I think we could see "+2(00?) climbing" on the boots).]
  • (8) Will the climb walls ability allow you to climb any wall or just walls with invisable ladders like DAoC?

Fire and WaterEdit

  • (1) Will characters be able to dive?
  • (2) Will wildlife be able to follow me into water and still fight, can players fight in water ?

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