General Guild Info Edit

Basics Edit

  • (1) How many members will be max in a guild?
  • (2) Once one of our characters enters a guild, is it possible for our other characters (on the same account) to enter (a) different guild(s)?
  • (3) Will guilds be able to recruit all 3 kingdom "races"?
  • (4) Have you anything in mind to prevent players from forming mega guilds or alliances of guilds that on sheer numbers dominate the BK seige game to the point where no one else can challenge them? I'm thinking of experiences in Shadowbane and EVE, and the general tendancy of some players to flock to the wining side
  • (5) what are the requirements to create a guild?
  • (6) what kind of features do guilds get? (chat, storage etc..)
  • (7) Will there be any in-game systems for keeping track of other guilds? As in which guild owns the biggest city, PvP kills etc.
  • (8) What kinds of controls will guild leaders have available to them?
  • (9) Will there be some way to change what rank gets which permission?

Guild Bank Edit

  • (1) Will there be guild banks?
  • (2) Who can view the contents?
  • (3) Who can deposit and/or withdraw items/resources/money?
  • (4) May different guild officers have access to different slots in the bank?
  • (5) Will there be a system to record the deposits and withdrawals?
  • (6) Will there be separate sections of the bank?

REPRESENT! (Tabards/Tattoos) Edit

  • (1) Finally has there been a decision on Clan emblems. I remember a long time ago it was being discussed if we would have Tabards(WoW) Capes/cloaks(GW) or shield/armour(DAoC) with clan emblems on. or maybe banners or a mix.
  • (2) Can a guild reserve a tattoo?
  • (3) Can a guild import their own tattoo in game?

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