Guild City Building/Maintaining/Decorating Edit

General Edit

  • (1) Can we give our town names that everyone sees when he enters the town? A: No, you can not name your city.
  • (2) How do you select which player run city instance you enter and can you choose which one to be on at the time of creation?
  • (3) How does the guild tax system work?
  • (4) Can we go inside player city buildings and battle keep structures or can they not be entered? A: Yes you can enter buildings in player city, but only if you are a member of the guild that own the city.
  • (5) Are there different types of towns like fortress, village, market or does it depends on the buildings you place there? A: All Cities are created in the same way, starting with a Keep. You determine what other buildings are in it by building them. Some buildings have a prerequisite building/s before you can build them.
  • (6) More info on player owned shops.
  • (7) Will structures in player cities and battle keeps be upgradeable into higher tiers? A: Yes, they can be upgraded once your Guild City reaches the required level of renown to upgrade.
  • (8) Will player cities be attackable by players? I've only seen mention of having to protect your city from NPC's. A: If a Guild City is built in PVP area, other players/guilds can attack them. If built in PVE area, only NPC's can attack them.
  • (9) Aside from /ignore, will any tools be available to guilds to keep undesirable people out of guild cities? This includes having NPC guards KoS certain people, merchants refuse to sell to people, respawn points to be restricted to people, etc. A: Closing the Guild City Gate will keep everyone out of the city that is not a guild member.

Creation/Layout etc Edit

  • (1) For player cities, will Architects be able to create race specific buildings? For example, if a guild were to build a city in Stygia, would the guild's architect be capable of constructing Stygian buildings? Or would he just be given access to some rather generic buildings, that don't necessarily "fit" with any of the nations? A: All buildings are generic to the area where you build.
  • (2) Any possibility we could get a hint as to how many different types of buildings are available for the player cities?
  • (3) Will we be able to build more than one wall, or other types of restrictions to separate our cities into tiers? We might want Aquilonian and Chimmerian traders within our walls during day-time, but we certainly don't want them further in our city. A: A City can be created with 2 walls, Inner wall where Keep (and Temple) is located, and Outer wall where all other buildings are within. No other distinction can be made as to restrictions to separate cities into tiers besides the tier level of the building itself.
  • (4) Will there be at least one theme per culture in terms of building architecture, or just one general non culture-specific set of building for us to build? A: All buildings are generic to the area where you build. Stygian buildings in Stygia, Cimmerian buildings in Cimmeria, and so on.
  • (5) What kind of buildings can we make so far, don't need a full list. A: Keep/ Battle Keep, Temple, Library, Weaponsmith Workshop, Armorsmith Workshop, Trade Post, Barracks, Architect Workshop, Alchemist Workshop, Thieve's Guild and Tavern.
  • (6) Will there be decorative structures available for our cities, like statues, obelisks and so on? Or only practical stuff? A: Yes there is once your City renown reaches Renown Lvl 2.
  • (7) Will there be houses made available for us to build for our guild members? As in.. will there be normal player housing available for us in our guild cities, or will we then have to build something that is meant to be a shop or a smithies and just call it our home? A: No private houses available for players.
  • (8) Will we be able to store our stuff in the different buildings in our city? Will equipment and stuff be visibly put on display if we drop it there, or will it only be the typical... add stuff from your inventory to a crate or barrel thing? A: You will only be able to store stuff in your personal bag (on you), or at the Trader in personal "Store and Sell" or "Guild Bank".
  • (9) Up to what degree is it possible individualize City Buildings? Is it possible to place your buildings where you want? Or are you limited by the City Borders? Or do you have slots in the city borders where you can only build a special type of building? A: You have slots in the city borders where you can only build a special type of building.
  • (10) Are these Buildings (see above) customizable, too? Can you put decoration in them or are they the same for everyone (probably with a limited selection of a number different visual options)?
  • (11) In my eyes it would be the best if there are no predefined buildings like "Armory" or "Tavern". It would be nice if you can place your furniture(Bar, Chairs...) and tools(Anvil, Forge) to make a empty building to the thing you want. I understand that this is not possible for defensive buildings. But for anything else it would be cool if its like Star Wars Galaxies. How close do you come to this thoughts with your ideas?
  • (12) Is it possible to place/buy/rent an auction house access point in guild towns or keeps? A: Once you build the Trade Post a Trader will appear where you can access the Auction.
  • (13) How will the building layout differ (at all) from player cities to battlekeeps ?
  • (14) Will there be a 'cap' or any other limitations to the number of cities that can be built per server, or will it simply be restricted to land area? A: Only 1 city per Guild can be built.

NPCs In Guild Cities Edit

  • (1) At one stage I read somewhere that guilds will have access to better "minions" So I assume we can upgrade them etc? Can they equip stuff?

Benefits Edit

  • (1) What benefits are offered to guilds that secure towers? (ie: access to respawn areas or special pve bonuses?)

Other Edit

  • (1) Will it be possible for a single(one) player to build his own city without being apart of a guild, thus creating his personal spawn of 'phat loot' raiding the opposing NPC controlled city on a daily(weekly) basis? (Pretty sure this is a no)
    • NO, A player needs to be part of a Guild with a minimum of 24 members and also have the Crafting Skill of Architect and the plans and resources for the buildings, before he/she can build city. (Only Keep Plan and resources are needed to start the building process of the city, once the build spot is booked)

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