Expansions/Patches in the Works Edit

  1. How often are new raids/instances expected to be added?

Expansions Edit

  1. There was talk about the team splitting into two for maintaining the current game and creating an expansion after the release. Is there any set interval that expansions are planned to be released?
  2. Will there ever be the possibility of a future expansion or update to include “water based” warfare (AKA, a “pirate” expansion where guilds could build ports and control ships, sort of like the Border Kingdoms on the high seas)?
  3. It has been rumored that player housing may be included in some future expansion, is this true and if so, when could this be expected?
  4. Will Age of Conan ever introduce new classes (such as a martial arts oriented class) in future expansions?
  5. Will Age of Conan ever introduce new races in future expansions?
  6. Could they add more better value of items?
  7. Will Age of Conan ever have a trial account system?
  8. Will Age of Conan ever add new lands?

Patches Edit

  1. It was stated in the recent E3 video from gamespot that the live team (after launch) will introduce new free content in addition to paid expansions if they so choose. Will we see something akin to say the AC franchise ala monthly episodic updates ?
  2. How much content will be added as a regular update to the game as opposed to the expansions ...there's going to be a lot of the map to fill out after release I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later?

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