Equipment/Items Edit

  1. Will itemization be similar to AO (with level 1-80 versions of most items) or will it be more unique item based like most of the recent MMOs?

Beyond Level 80 Edit

  1. How often do you *plan* to raise the gear cap/level cap? Can we feel comfortable about our equipment staying viable at 80, or is the goal to make a system of "tiers" much like other MMOs?

Significance of Items Edit

  1. Will equipment have a negligible impact on the game? Or is it mostly cosmetic?
  2. Skill>Items or Skills<Items?
  3. Given equal levels, PvP playtime and playstyle, will a person who has done more in PvE (raids, quests, etc.) have an advantage in PvP over one that has done less PvE?
  4. How exactly will armor rating and resistance affect damage taken?

Raiding Vs Crafting Vs PvPing Edit

  1. Will the best items in the game be crafted or found as loot?
  2. How exactly is gear being optimized for PvP and PvE?

Categorical Definitions Edit

  1. What sorts of weapons fall into the class of thrown weapons? Please tell me not Shurikens! And will they have ammo if things like bows and crossbows don't?

Equiping Requirements Edit

  1. Will there be race specific gear limitations

Customization/Looks Edit

  1. Will there be weapons or/and armours with some aura and/or animations?
  2. Can we customize the skin of armours and/or weapons by a blacksmither?
  3. Will there be dyes so you can colour your gear?
  4. Will jewelry worn by the player acually appear on the player?

Consumables Edit

  1. How will potions and consumables be handled?
  2. Will there be a need for food or drink?

Sockets Edit

  1. Would like to know more specifics on socketing items

BoP/BoE Edit

  1. Are there soulbound items or similar?

Durability Edit

  1. What is the system for Item durability?

Decay Edit

  1. Is there item decay?

Wearing Out/Breaking Edit

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