Classes Edit

General stuff Edit

  1. Can everyone use all weapon types? I know that classes have their weapon types listed in their profiles (such as Druid's 1HB, 1HE, and Polearm), but does that mean that they can use ONLY those weapons? Or does it mean they only have unlockable Feats for those weapons?
  2. Will certain skills be locked to certain classes?
  3. what type of playstyle (preferably with examples) does each class offer?
  4. what are more specific abilities that make each class stand out?
    • There are the Class Previews that can be viewed, look under the Classes section on the wikia

Class Roles Edit

  1. Will classes be set into roles such as "Tank", "DPS", "Healer", "Crowd Control", etc.

Balance/Nerfs/Significance Edit

  1. What, if any, are the class starting stats for each class?
  2. Will you rebalance the game, post-release if there is a need? And how will you determine whether there is a need or not?
  3. Can the 24-player raid dungeon be acheived without any priest class?
  4. knowing many players will want to try that how will you balance the game so that thiefs ability to easily loot don't give an edge over other classes.

Priest Edit

  1. What is the general balance between offense and defense for the healing classes? Will they be able to adequately solo and hold their own in pvp if there is no one around to heal?

Druid of the Storm Edit

Priest of Mitra Edit

Scion of Set Edit

  1. Will I be able to eat people when in snake-form as a Scion of Set ?

Bear Shaman Edit

  1. Will the Bear Shaman ever be able to charm? And why is it unbalanced? Also, what exactly can the charm do?

Soldier Edit

  1. Will the Soldier archetype be anything more than tanks?

Guardian Edit

  1. Why aren't Guardians allowed to use 2h weapons, and for that matter why can't they use all types if they are the fighters.
  2. It has been said that Guardians alone would the only class to where the heaviest armor type (Full Plate), is this true?

Conqueror Edit

Dark Templar Edit

  1. Why couldn't DT's use 2handers?
  2. Will the Dark Templar be considered as a tank, or will he be a more damage and group utility oriented character?

Rogue Edit

  1. How does the stealth system work in detail?
  2. Will the Day and Night cycle affect those that use stealth?
  3. If you go into shadows you become completely invisible or semi transparent or kind of blend into the shade?
  4. How will attacks coming out of stealth be handled?
  5. Can I steal from other players?
  6. How will stealth be implemented when the game uses a third person view?
  7. Can you tell me how lockpicking works?
  8. Have you found a way so that assassins and other stealth class can actually be usefull against several enemies. (like "pulling" one away from the others before stabbing him, like "making noise" or "make diversion").

Barbarian Edit

  1. I want to know about the Master Theif skills that the Barbarian absorbed during the class merge.

Ranger Edit

  1. Will Rangers get camps, foraging, or a feat to tame small wild animals as pets?

Assassin Edit

  1. Assassin class preview.

Mage Edit

Herald of Xotli & Lich specific

  1. How will the summoned weapons for the HoX and Lich work? Are they usable in human form, or only in the transformed state? How do they compare with looted or crafted weapons? Does their power increase with caster level?
  2. Will the transformations of the Herald of Xotli and Lich class look any different depending on the power level or gender of the caster? Can we get any details about how these transformations work?
  3. What are some different feat trees that these two classes can specialize in? What different paths can they take that would make one Lich, for example, play differently from another?

Demonologist & Necromancer Specific

  1. what are the different types of pets available to necro's and demonologists?
    • There is a brief page on Pet Summoning already, but not much info so far

Demonologist Edit

  1. I read somewhere that a group of Demonologist are able to summon one powerful demon, is it still in the game? and who will control it?

Necromancer Edit

Lich Edit

Herald of Xotli Edit

The "Herald of Xotli" class does not summon weapons, only Lich can.

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