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Making Your Character Unique (Boobs,titles, etc.) Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

  • (1) Will Characters have body hair? (Armpit/leg/chest etc.)
  • (2) There is a great deal of character customization, but is there any way to change that later in the game. When I played eq I could at any time change my appearance, but I could not in wow. Maybe not even a full change, but some way to get a hair cut or grow a beard after a certain interval or buy some sort of ointment to remove a scar would be interesting.
  • (3) How many tattoos can we have?
  • (4) How much do tattoos cost?
  • (5) Can we have a list of all the tattoos available?
  • (6) It was known that your character would have a tattoo (from the beginning I'm assuming), what kind of tattoo is it? And can we choose what it will be?
  • (7) Will crossdressing be possible ? (the oldest costume in the world isnt it?)
  • (8) Can you regulate the height of your character? (Grow/shrink I'm assuming)

Titles/Honors/Badges Edit

  • (1) Will there be a feature like badges/honors? Example: You've discovered the Dragon Mountain, (you got the Dragon Mountain Badge and 500xp) - will it be displayed on the character profile?
  • (2) Will there be special titles under your name? Example: Say I went from lvl 1 to 20 without getting killed, I can choose to have "The Immortal" under my char name.

Other Edit

  • (1) Will players be able to write biographies for them selves and publicly display them in game?

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