Beta/Release/Money/Trial Versions Edit

Beta Edit

  • (1) When will announcements be made regarding general beta and/or open beta
  • (2) In the recent Q2 2007 quarterly report by Funcom, it was mention that the beta has started for the Age of Conan MMO game. Is this the techincal beta that Funcom is mentioning in the Q2 2007 report? (Yes or no)
  • (3) How do you feel about your General Beta being so short compared to other MMO's?
  • (4) Three months left until the release date, and still no sign for General Beta? Is that carefully planned PR, or just sign that developers are not ready for this stage (wich means almost certain delay on the release date)? I don't expect honest answer, but i want to ask this question.
  • (5) What's happening with vet beta invites? Will we get a message saying those were sent out?
  • (6) How many players are currently participating in closed beta? And by participating, I don't mean players that have won a contest and are awaiting their invite, I mean people that are actually in the game testing.

Pre-Orders Edit

  • (1) If there is going to be a War mammoth for pre-orders, will it be slow (walk speed) and for sieges only as has been said in prior interviews?
  • (2) Will there be a deluxe/collectors boxed edition, and if so, when can we have details on that offer?

Release Edit

  • (1) I recall from the last wow expansion release that many stores were open at midnight to let players get the game as early as possible. Are there any plans to have EB/Gamestop stores open early like that or allow for an online purchase/download?
  • (2) When will announcements be made regarding whether or not the release date will be pushed back?
  • (3) Will the game be downloadable from day one, i.e. oct 30th.? (or nov. 2nd in EU)
  • (4) There are only 3 months left from the retailed and i have yet to see a video of the game playing with all the elements it's supposed to have, will aoc be completed for the launch?
  • (5) What to expect if the game is not entirely ready for release on 30.10.2007? Release delay until is fully finished and all featurs work perfect, or another "Beta test with monthly fee" like WoW and Vanguard?
  • (6) Will all the promised content ie formation combat, border kingdoms, sieging, city building, etc be ready by launch? Or will some of this content be releasd only when players start coming close to the level cap?

Money and Trial Versions Edit

  • (1) Will there be a trial version of AoC available before purchasing the game?
  • (2) Can you say we something about the monthly subscription fee and payment system?
  • (3) Will current currency exchange rates be taken into acount when it comes time to renew a subscription (EX: a $14.99USD subscription would be $15.89CAD as opposed to $20CAD)?

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