Advanced Combat Topics Edit

Stuns, interrupts, fear, snare, and knockback Edit

  • (1)Will there be stun / fear / other complete shut down skills available for pvp? Or will such effects, take a stun, be limited to a snare/root/interupt, and fear be changed to, e.g, dmg/AC/cast-speed penalty, in pvp? So that affected players still can do something besides staring at the ceiling. (Knockback is a welcomed change! Hard to (mindlessly) bash someone who's flying through the air, like you do to someone who's stunned.)
  • (2)How does the interrupt system at casters work or is there any?

Poisons, bleeding, ya know, good stuff Edit

  • (1) How do poisons work?

Formations Edit

  • (1)Are formations still in the game? If so, have the basic mechanics changed at all or do they remain the same? Will they be used strictly for PvP, PvE or both?
  • (2)If a unit of cavalry charge into a group of soldiers, what happens? Will there be some sort of knockback/push effect knocking the soldiers out of the way and breaking their formation, or will mounts come to a dead stop like they just ran into a wall?
It's been stated that a formation of Soldier's can counter a mounted formation, I'd imagine the size of your formations will also determine the effectiveness of countering.
  • (3)Max formation size, etc.
  • (4)What effect will weapon types have in warfare... for instance, will a group of soldiers with pikes/polearms be able to counter a cavalry unit. Will there be situational advantages to using one type of weapon over another?

Mounted Combat Edit

  • (1)Is mounted combat still in the game? If so, will hostile players/NPCs be able to target and attack the mount or just the player?
  • (2)What efforts are being made to integrate mounted combat into PvE and balance it for PvP?
  • (3)Is mounted combat effected with clash detection system, like if I ride my horse dead into someone, will my horse just stop or will the guy get thrown back. Anything like that?
  • (4)Can I kill player mount?
Not permanently, but there is a sort of cooldown on when it can be used again
  • (5)Can I steal player mounts?
  • (6)Will there be horse decapitations and limb removal?
See comment for Q4
  • (7)Will casters be able to cast spells while mounted?

Aggro Edit

  • (1)How important will "threat" management be to this game in group/raid settings?
  • (2)Will "DPS" classes be given abilities to reduce their "threat"?

Blocking / Parries and similar Edit

  • (1)Combat looks great so far but will there be things like insects blocking/parrying 6 foot steel swords with their feather-light wings?

How will Duel-Wielding Work? Edit

  • A long time ago, FunCom made the decision to make dual wielding a weapon set and include it in all animations rather than just have it be a proc. So with the combat system (Q,1,2,3,E), the left attacks use only the left handed sword, the right only the right handed sword, the middle uses both, and all the combos use both. The damage calculations then take into account the added damage potential of the second weapon.

Synergy Edit

  • (1) Will there be synergistic abilities that compliment each other (EX: A chain of combos or spells that are designed to work together, such as applying a bleed skill than using a skill to do extra damage to bleeding opponents)?

Stances/Positions Edit

  • (1) In a screenshot during the days of E3, I remember seeing a character that was in prone position, but I couldn't understand if that was a mini intro to a quest or actual in-game footage. So basicly is the prone position an in-game ability and what other positions can a toon do?

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