Prestige classes have been removed from the game. Players can no longer choose a Prestige class, nor can they obtain the bonuses associated with one. Players have access to any crafting class.

The Commander is the military brain of the guild. In practical terms, their usefulness is that they allow larger team sizes (up to ten people from the standard six) as well as improved formation bonuses and morale abilities on the battlefield.

  • Adds one additional maximum member to a team, up to a total of 10 (with 4 commanders).
  • Can build Barracks for the Village or Keep that will spawn soldiers to protect the village on attack.
  • Each Commander in a guild increases the resource extraction of iron ore for all guild members – up to a max of 30 Commanders.
  • Can draw up special “Tactical Plans” to enable Commander only formations.
  • Massive battle formations, such as large mounted formations or the special Raid Attack resistant formations, are available only to the Commander.

Compare the different prestige classes

Prestige Classes
Lord Commander
Master Crafter

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