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Combos & Special AbilitiesEdit

All combos and abilities use Two-handed Edge unless stated otherwise.

Icon Name Sequence  Cost Cooldown Level Description
Burn to Death 1
Burn to Death I UL 36 0:10 15 The herald briefly pauses to call upon his demon god then spins and strikes. The victim bursts into flames for a short time, becoming a screaming human torch. The herald grimly laughs at their agonized shrieks.
Hellstep Instant N/A 1:00 20 You briefly enter the underworld, charging your target. The direct path to the target must be clear of all obstacles. At the end of this charge, you will be surrounded by the flames of hell, inflicting heavy damage to all foes nearby. The damage and reach of these flames increases if you are polymorphed.
Hell Strikes I Mid 30 0:10 5 This flourish of deadly blows can cut a man to pieces. No human can deliver blows with such a force in so short a time; they are powered by demonic might.
Molten Steel Slash UR 15 0:20 7 Through foul sorcery the victim becomes more susceptible to fire and slashing attacks. It also discourages enemies in battle from switching target to attack the herald.
Pillar of Infernal Flame I UR - Mid 80 0:60 17 Using their sword as their focus, they stab into the earth at their feet and call forth the fires of hell in a great pillar of flame.
Body and Spirit Wrack I UR - UL - Mid 101 0:30 20 It is though the Herald opens a portal into their victim and then drives their sword into flesh and living soul, attacking their body and tearing at their mana reserves.

Friendly SpellsEdit

Name Mana Cost Cast Time Duration Cooldown Effect Description
Arcane Abatement I 175 Instant 60:00 0:06 1% Cold Resist This incantation increases resistance to cold damage of the herald's allies by suppressing and bending physical laws, dampening magic.
Contract of Protection I 60 Instant 5:00 0:20 15.3 Damage reduction per hit on absorb shield. Creates a shield absorbing 229 hitpoints. The power of Xotli protects the herald and their party against damage, absorbing the first few points of damage from each hit. There is a maximum amount of damage that can be absorbed before the protection fails.
Desecrating Essence I 65 Instant 0:25 2:00 18.8 to Max health, 17 fire damage, 2.6 fire damage The Herald becomes infused with the demonic essence of Xotli, increasing health, magical fire damage and fire melee damage. Nearby foes take constant fire damage.
Desecrating Essence II 195 Instant 0:25 2:00 43.1 to Max health, 21.7 fire damage, 5.1 fire damage The Herald becomes infused with the demonic essence of Xotli, increasing health, magical fire damage and fire melee damage. Nearby foes take constant fire damage.
Sign of Xotli I 25 Instant 60:00 0:00 9.7 Defense Rating The herald's patron grants demonic toughness, increasing the defense rating of the herald.

Hostile SpellsEdit

Name Mana Cost Cast Time Cooldown Effect Description
Hellfire Breath I 85 Instant 0:02 126-210 points of Fire Damage The herald's jaws extend and blast hellfire in a wide (90 Degree) cone, dealing fire damage to any enemies in front of them.
Word of Command I 75 Instant 0:30 6 second root The mesmerizing quality of the heralds authoritative command, complimented by flashy effects, root nearby enemies to the ground for a short time.

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