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Bear Shaman Combos Edit

Internal Bleed - Brutal blows cause internal bleeding, dealing damage over time. Adds a secondary effect if a Manifestation is active.

Crush Armor - Empowered by the Spirit of the Bear the Shaman smashes through the enemies defenses. Inflicts Physical Torment stacks up to 5 times.

Shrewd Blow - Striking viciously the Bear Shaman inflicts damage to his foes.

Censuring Strike - This intimidating blow makes it less likely for the foe to attack the Bear Shaman. Lowers your threat on target, only useful in group combat.

Ursine Brawl - A swift crack to the skull followed by a hail of dizzying blows disorients the target, decreasing the chance that their attacks will successfully hit.

Ferocious Smack - Embracing the power of the Bear Spirit the Shaman slams their weapon into their opponent, lifts and throws them backwards. Knocks back opponent.

Hinder Movement - Swinging low, smashing into his foe's legs slows their movement speed. Slows target's movement speed temporarily.

Ether Theft - Assaulting the body and spirit of his foe this strike restores mana to the Bear Shaman's allies. Restores Mana to the Bear Shaman and allies in his group.

Bloodthirst - Manipulating nature the Bear Shaman uses the blood spilled by this attack to heal himself and his allies. Heals the Bear Shaman and allies in his group.

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