Back in the day, the serpentmen and the humans fought eachother, and mankind almost erased the serpentman from the planet, driving them down under ground to live in caves. Here they hid and waited, as their hatred towards man grew stronger every day.

The Coils of Ubah kan is the present - the inhabited - Serpentman City, this is where the Serpentmen have made a living after having fled from their original caves. Therefore, in this dungeon, the players actually get to meet the serpentmen.

Before the players go here they learn that the serpentmen can play with the minds of humans, which makes it particularly creepy for the players to enter the dungeons for the first time.

As the players progress through the dungeon they meet serpentmen enemies of increasing importance, and it ends with an impressive boss fight in which they have to defeat the serpentman Prophet himself, who had foreseen that the serpentman race would erase man kind from existence.

The dungeon has 6 bosses of which 5 are serpentmen.

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Anne Sofie Nielsen-Man Portfolio - Coils of Ubah Kan

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