The Age of Conan Class System went through some changes, announced 12. January 2007. On 19. January 2008 Funcom announced additional class cuts. Read about them here.

Class merges Edit

Some Archtypes had some of it's classes merged in order to give each class greater diversity. This should according to Funcom make the classes more fun to play.

Priest Archtype Edit

This leaves Tempest of Set, Priest of Mitra and Bear Shaman as the remaining classes in the Priest Archtype.

Soldier Archtype Edit

This leaves Guardian, Conqueror and Dark Templar as the remaining classes in the Soldier Archtype.

Rogue Archtype Edit

This leaves Ranger, Assassin and Barbarian as the remaining classes in the Rogue Archtype.

Mage Archtype Edit

This leaves Necromancer, Demonologist, and Herald of Xotli as the remaining classes in the Mage Archtype.

External links Edit

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