From TTH

"class guru" Evan Michaels statement.

"I'm sure you've heard some of it already, but I don't view it as removing classes. What we found was that one of the toolsets was a bit too narrow. People were playing it, but they weren't finding it fun. As we've said earlier, a lot of our classes are "hybrids" of what you'd normally see in an MMOG, and we want people to experience variety in their MMORPG. What we did was we took those two classes and we stored their cool abilities and all the stuff people enjoyed and wrapped them into something similar and coherent."

"The Tempest of Set, which used to be the Stormcaller/Scion of Set has the abilities of both of them. It's just been "re-themed" around a whole Set type of idea. The response to that, at least internally, has been very favorable. The external stuff that people know has also been favorable as well."

"We just weren't very content with those two classes as they were, so when we combined them and started meshing out the new theme, it really meshed well together."

"The Lich we found was a little to similar to the Herald of Xotli. They had a very similar vision, which is kind of our fault for making two classes that are so similar. The people really enjoyed the theme about the Lich - the undead, evil overlord type stuff. We thought that went well with the Necromancer class that we've been trying to evolve away from the Demonologist sort of idea."

"The Necro does get an ability now that allows him to transform into a Lich, along with some of his other cool abilities. It already went along with his whole undead theme and I think it meshed well. The resulting class seems more interesting and definitely more versatile."

"Almost everything has been preserved from the two classes. Most of the abilities are still there. The only thing that is different is the concept that the Lich was more of a melee class and the Necromancer was more of a spellcaster. He still has all of the spells and trigger abilities of the Lich. The Tempest of Set almost has all of the toolsets almost completely, but re-themed to the Tempest of Set sort of idea."

At this point, Gaute Godager (the head honcho/Game Director) stepped in with his comment on the whole scenario:

"It's interesting because people view class balance and marketing reveal as a sort of contract. It makes it very hard for me to do my job properly, which is to make the game fun. We have to make a decision about how much this is going to shake the boat versus how much worse the boat is going to float when it launches out. I wish I could just reveal the finished game, but it can't be done."

"Yes we expect that there will be some upset people from this, but we are truly sorry that these classes do disappear after we merge them up."

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