Class Gear throughout Age of Conan is wide and varied, it doesn't explicitly state what class can wear a certain item, as the item can be shared. However it becomes obvious through playing what is "preferred".

Dungeon Armor Sets Edit

Dungeon Sets are primarily "leveling" sets. You will get a different set type at each level range, starting from level 40 from world drops however they drop more frequently off trash mobs and assuredly from bosses in the Daily Quest dungeons: Imirian Ravine, Frost Swamp, Oasis of Zaara.

Sets contain 6 items.

  • The Wrist, Feet and Belt are all tradable.
  • The Chest, Shoulder and Head are not

Raid Armor Sets Edit

Tier 1 items drop in raid instances. Sets consist of 10 pieces.

Below is a chart of who drops what parts where.

Zone Mob Type
Vistrix's Lair Vistrix Helm, Main Hand, Off Hand
Kyllikki's Crypt Champion of the Honorguard Belt, Boots, Shoulders
Kyllikki's Crypt Trash Mobs Belt, Boots, Shoulders
Kyllikki's Crypt Kyllikki Wrist , Chest
Yakhmar's Cave Yakhmar Legs, Gloves

PvP Edit

PvP gear is obtained via earning the relevant ranks to wear certain items.

Oh and having the cash.

Sets consist of 8 pieces.

Armor Sets
Class Sets IconSmall Assassin    - IconSmall Barbarian    - IconSmall Bear Shaman    - IconSmall Conqueror    - IconSmall Dark Templar    - IconSmall Demonologist    - IconSmall Guardian    - IconSmall Herald of Xotli    - IconSmall Necromancer    - IconSmall Priest of Mitra    - IconSmall Ranger    - IconSmall Tempest of Set   
Dungeon (Group) Dungeon Set 1 - Dungeon Set 2 - Dungeon Set 3 - Dungeon Set 4 - Dungeon Set 5 - Dungeon Set 6
Tier (Raid) Tier 1 - Tier 2

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