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Clan of Conan is Funcom's official newsletter for Age of Conan. It's sent out once a month, and can be received by email or read online.

The newsletter contains:

  • Feature different things
  • Information and screenshots of a location
  • Information about enemies/beasts
  • An update of the Age of Conan Comic book
  • A developer profile
  • A list of media coverage that Age of Conan has gotten lately
  • A list of the latest Friday updates
  • Some screenshots and a wallpaper
  • Sweepstakes
  • Community site of the month
  • and more...

Early Benefits Edit

Joining the Clan of Conan before the release will unlock a quest which will lead you to Conan himself for an exclusive in game item that has yet to be announced.

You can sign up to become a member of "Clan of Conan" here.

Released issues Edit

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