Clan Callaugh
Southern Broken Leg Lands
Settled. The clan numbers 480, with 80 children, 20 elders and 380 warriors. Its core settlement ifs Callaugh village, but additional homesteads are scattered through the Callaugh Glen.
Canach. The Canach are considered a valuable ally of the Callaugh with the two enjoying a great deal of interdependence and inter-marriage
Morgach, but more of an uneasy truce than outright enmity.
The southern reaches of the Broken Leg Lands are the territory of the Callaugh clan. The Callaugh base themselves around the permanent village of Callaugh, which is located in the Callaugh Glen, a deep, wide canyon that is well-forested on all slopes and fed by the winding Llau River. The Callaugh clan treats the whole of the Broken Leg Lands as its own territory and its warriors know the fractured countryside intimately, being unfazed by its hazards and crumbling nature.
Like many Cimmerian clans, the Callaugh are veterans in the wars against the Picts. The village is a vital defence against Pictish incursion, and Callaugh warriors mount a vigilant guard along the southern edge of the Broken Leg Lands, watching for signs of war bands. As the Broken Leg Lands form a maze of gulleys, valleys and gorges, there are many dead-ends and blind passes where ambush is easy and the Picts have learned from experience to give the Broken Leg Lands as wider berth as possible.
In addition to watching for the Picts, Callaugh clan members scour the passes, gorges and riverbeds for gold. Nuggets of the precious metal have been found in the rivers and streams, washed-down from the small, exposed seams deep in the heart of the Broken Leg Lands. Though a gold find is rare, the Callaugh knows the worth of the stuff and is practiced in both working gold and protecting it, conducting the former pursuit with subtle intricacy and the latter with brutal efficiency
A traditional rite of passage is the hunting and killing of a spined cat (see That Sombre Land, page 21). Taking a spined cat’s pelt is considered the mark of a blooded warrior and the skins of these animals are worn with great pride.
Callaugh has managed to hoard 100,000 GP in gold nuggets and gold dust. This treasure trove is buried in a secret cave deep within Callaugh Glen, which is known only to the chief and selected, trusted clan elders.

Henghar Challenges to the chieftain of Callaugh are numerous. Anyone with a decent
sword arm and an impressive spine cat pelt believes he is fine chieftain material. The current incumbent is Henghar, a youthful champion who is renowned for having slaughtered six Picts single handedly whilst badly wounded in one leg: he still walks with a limp. Henghar is pugnacious, quick to anger, but has a certain maturity for all his lack of years. People respect his ability, but his youth means others will be willing to offer a challenge sooner rather than later. Henghar has promised the clan that he will extend its territories, meaning he intends to recommence the raids against clan Morgach in the north. This is popular with some, who think there has been too much peace of late, but is unpopular with the older warriors who have grown to respect Morgach’s presence and maturity
Notable Clan Members:
History and Outlook
Callaugh typifies the Cimmerian spirit: warlike, defiant, but pragmatic. The clan’s history was always this way and despite the fact that it has had numerous chieftains its character has changed little. And that character is shaped very much by the rough, unforgiving landscape of the Broken Leg Lands: the jagged peaks and deep-rutted valleys have created people with similarly sharp temperaments. Changed by the erosion of the wind and rain, the Broken Leg Lands never stand still; neither does clan Callaugh.
Under Henghar’s regime, a challenge to Morgach clan is inevitable, despite the rift being caused amongst its people. Callaugh revels in war and confl ict, and, with no recent Pictish incursions, many in the clan are bored and ripe for new conflict. Spears are being readied, tempers and sword-blades whetted.

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