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Children of Yag-KoshaEdit


Worshippers of the gentle god, Yag-kosha, the Children of Yag-kosha are a benevolent cult spread across Khitai.

They are well liked by the general population because they practice only white magic in the name of their god.

They can be found in the villages and cities of the East, spreading their good works by offering free healing to any who ask.

The Children are an ancient cult, tracing their religion as far back as the birth of the empire itself. Their god, Yag-kosha dwelt in the jungles outside of Paikang for thousands of years, teaching his followers wisdom. Then, three hundred years ago, Yag-kosha abruptly disappeared. His disappearance was followed by a brief political upheaval in the faith - there were those who believed that he had abandoned them and others who simply believed that he had returned to his palace in the heavens.

Recently, the Children have discovered what they believe to be the truth of their gods disappearance...


Northern GrasslandsEdit

Kara KorumEdit

Chosain ProvinceEdit


Armor SetsEdit

Fengdu, Kara Korum (550, 130)Edit

Dungeon Light ArmorEdit
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Glade of the Elephant God, Paikang (555 , 655)Edit

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