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Who is Champion of the Honorguard?Edit

The Champion of the Honorguard is the first boss in Kyllikki's Crypt. He is a Soldier that uses curses and debuffs in the defense of his mistress.


  • Covenant of the Pestilence - For 10-15 seconds, all damage dealt to the Champion of the Honorguard will be reflected to the attackers.
  • Covenant of Putresance - When cast, multiple players will have their health transferred, healing the Champion of the Honorguard.
  • Curse of Gwahlur - A painful DoT which inflicts specific players.
  • Melee - Each attack deals roughly 2500 damage, depending on the tank.
  • Sasicam - An aura that constantly hits the entire raid when the Champion of the Honorguard reaches 60% health. As the Champion of the Honorguard's health gets lower, Sasicam will deal additional damage, stacking up to five times.


Covenant of Pestilence Edit

When this ability is used, the entire raid needs to immediately stop all DPS. While this ability is active, there is a very high chance that a very painful DoT will be inflicted on the entire raid (even if only one person is dealing damage). All pulse damage spells, auras, and any other similar abilities should be turned off during this encounter.

Covenant of Putresance Edit

The Champion of the Honorguard will be healed whenever a player afflicted by this DoT attacks. Any player that receives this debuff needs to stop attacking immediately.

Curse of Gwahlur Edit

The damage taken by the Champion of the Honorguard will be reflected to the player afflicted with this DoT. The player who receives this DoT needs to immediately back away to avoid the damage.


The easiest way to position the Champion of the Honorguard is to pull him to the first room when entering Kyllikki's Crypt. Since all of the NPCs will have been cleared out, there will be plenty of room. The raid should gather tightly around the boss as the fight should be fairly static.

Sasicam Edit

This aura will hit the entire raid when the Champion of the Honorguard reaches 60% health. This aura will get stronger the closer the boss gets to 0% health, although it has a maximum stack of five. Priests must keep constant heals on the entire raid as the boss reaches death.

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