Caverns of Malice is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in Kara Korum.

Normal Mode Strategy Edit

In the back of the cave there is a demon trying to kill two little girls, kill the demon to start Normal Mode.

The team moves back to the small lake in the dungeon, first four minions will spawn(the stuff that spawns will go for the little girls, prevent that by killing them), then two big elites, after the two elites are dead, the little girls you saved earlier comes running out from the cave. The girls are named "Mei Lin" and "Jiang Zhi".

The girls need to be separated so each tank grab a girl each and take them to each side of the lake, left and right side.

In normal mode you can kill the bosses either way you want, so bring one boss down to 75% then bring the next down to 75%. When one of the girls reach 75% they can't be damaged more untill both are at 75%.

When both girls are at 75/50/25% they will run to the middle and start casting "Absorbing Corruption", rogues can stop the cast (by hitting Mei-Lin with Finely Honed), or alternative is to DPS them to break the cast. At the same time, the girls will ignore the former Tank, so each 75/50/25 the tanks must switch girls. If you don't manage to stop the cast with a rogue or damaging them, they will heal up and possibly wipe the team.

The girls will from time to time order a player to do a specific action, if they don't perform the action needed the girl will run up to that player and damage the player. So it's important that players take notice of the commands they are given before they run out.(Look at the buffs above your health) Tanks will not recive any orders.

  • Docility:Stop DPS
  • Obedience:Sit Down
  • Humour:Laugh
  • Grace:Dance

Godslayer Strategy Edit

To start Godslayer mode, dps the demon down to 15%, then wait untill the girl he's attacking is below 10% health then kill the demon before the girl die.

The fight is basicly the same as in Normal mode, but there will be adds spawning during the fight, the dps team will tank and kill them. Also the girls health difference can't be bigger than 5%.

Example team setup for HM: 2 tanks, 1 healer, 1 rogue, 2 mages.

Notes Edit

  • Tanks should have all 3 shields to the right side as the girls only hit on that side.
  • When doing the /sit emote, don't do it too early or it will fail, and you have to start it before there is 4 seconds left on the timer or it will fail too.
  • Tanks will get a debuff called "Malicious Wrack"(From Jiang Zhi Only) this reduce Normal damage and Magic damage with 10% each stack, remove this debuff with Resolve AA Perk. (It's a yellow icon above your health bar).
  • Be carefull at the end of the fight when you kill one of the girls, the remaining girl will do much more damage, so try to not have too much hitpoints left on the last one.
  • If a team member does not pay attention to the orders and one of the sisters run up to the player and perform "Dance of the sisters" then it's important that the player run away from the sister after the cast while the tanks drag her back to tank spot.
  • In the beginning(just a few % into the fight) Jing-Shi will sometimes run to her sister, it's important that the tank bring her back ASAP as they do much more damage when they are close togheter. This only happens once in the fight.
  • Rogues can use "Tainted Weapons" AA ability to remove Malicious Heal from the bosses, it's not required but help a little bit(If it's not removed the girls heal during the fight).

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