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The 1.05 patch introduced a new format for in-game item tooltips. I've converted the wiki {{Item}} template to use the new look. The new format is mostly backwards-compatable, but some new information needs to be added:

  • The requirement parameter should be broken out. Level requirements are now under itemlevel (and requiredlevel, if different)
  • speed is removed, and items with the speed listed under damagerange needs to have the weapon speed removed from there as well.
  • sockets and socketsize were removed. A new parameter, gems has been added. Use gems={{bluesocket}} {{redsocket}}, etc.
  • quality now supports Enchanted and Rare along with Good and Superior to match the in-game tooltip.
  • value is now vendor and supports text-based coloring with {{costtext}} instead of {{cost}} to match in-game tooltips.

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