In Culture PvP you can still group with, guild with and play with anyone, any time no matter their guild, culture, race, etc, etc.

However, it is an open PvP server (meaning, completely 100% open PvP outside of the cities.) The only difference is, you can only kill members of other cultures then yourself. Aquilonian, Stygian and Cimmerian.

Hense the term Culture PvP. It's certainly not Faction based 'elves vs orcs' bland garbage. But it's a cool twist on a PvP server.

One cool twist. Unlike regular and PvP servers, where you cant attack group mates or guild members. In this you can attack ANYONE, so long as they aren't of your culture. So that means chopping down guild members if you so wish lol. For this reason 'single culture' guilds are likely to pop up.

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