Bursting Bomb
Rank 0/3
30 points spent in this line

Improves the undead minion Necrotic Bomb, increasing the damage inflicted when it explodes and the area affected.

Effect per feat point spentEdit

  • Rank 1: Explosion and Pustule damage +15%, AoE +?%
  • Rank 2: Explosion and Pustule damage +30%, AoE +?%
  • Rank 3: Explosion and Pustule damage +45%, AoE +?%

Note that this feat affects Pustule damage as well. Also, it appears that crit damage is not 45% higher after 3 points in this feat, although the low number of crits in the sample data (6 crits total for explosions, 16 for pustules) makes it hard to say anything for certain. My best guess is that the extra percent of damage a crit does (I'll assume it's 50%, I haven't tested this though) is added to the above values instead of multiplied. So instead of a normal hit doing 145% and a crit doing 150% of 145% (217.5%), a normal hit does 145% and a crit 195% (about 35% more).

How this data was calculatedEdit

The tests took place on 2008-06-24 and were as follows:

  • /logcombat on
  • 11 bombs were summoned by a level 80 necromancer and sent to attack Scorn, a level 80 Boss in Purple Lotus Swamp. Buffs: 3xOne with death and Vile Insight, nothing else.
  • This was repeated 5 times.
  • /logcombat off
  • Combat log file was copied to a linux server.
  • The following command was run: awk 'BEGIN { EXMIN=99999; CEXMIN=99999 }; /\]\ Necrotic Bomb.s Necrotic Explosion hits/ { print $9; SUM+=$9; EXNR++; if ($9>EXMAX) { print "max",$9; EXMAX=$9; }; if ($9<EXMIN) { print "min",$9; EXMIN=$9} }; /\]\ Necrotic Bomb.s Necrotic Explosion crits/ { print "*"$9; CEXNR++; if ($9>CEXMAX) { print "max crit",$9; CEXMAX=$9; }; if ($9<CEXMIN) { print "crit min",$9; CEXMIN=$9} }; END { print "sum:"SUM,"nr:"EXNR,"avg:"SUM/EXNR,"min:"EXMIN,"max:"EXMAX,"nr crits:"CEXNR,"crit min:"CEXMIN,"crit max:"CEXMAX }' t.txt
  • The same command with "Pustule" instead of "Explosion" was run

Some comments on the methodEdit

As you can see from the command, a lot of information is printed. I used this to verify the command worked properly. Also, the crits were not included in the average. With the low number of crits per run this would only have made the average more inaccurate.

The exact results for the explosions were:

  • 0 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:33895 nr:46 avg:736.848 min:591 max:881 nr crits:3 crit min:1142 crit max:1311"
  • 1 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:39768 nr:47 avg:846.128 min:680 max:1012 nr crits:1 crit min:1182 crit max:1182"
  • 2 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:46768 nr:48 avg:974.333 min:767 max:1142 nr crits: crit min:99999 crit max:"
  • 3 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:44446 nr:42 avg:1058.24 min:885 max:1241 nr crits:2 crit min:1197 crit max:1341"

With 11 bombs sent in 5 times, I would have expected nr+nr crits to be 55. It's not. I went through the log and discovered that the mob several times hit a bomb, the bomb died, but no message in the log said anything about the explosion hitting or missing the mob. I can only assume that the mob resisted or was somehow out of range. I know mobs can be a bit buggy when the first pet dies, but this explosion miss happened no matter how many pets were left.

The exact results for the pustule pulses were:

  • 0 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:10665 nr:183 avg:58.2787 min:49 max:66 nr crits:4 crit min:81 crit max:97"
  • 1 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:13372 nr:200 avg:66.86 min:57 max:76 nr crits:2 crit min:99 crit max:108"
  • 2 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:14327 nr:191 avg:75.0105 min:64 max:86 nr crits:6 crit min:92 crit max:117"
  • 3 feat points in Bursting Bomb: "sum:16171 nr:193 avg:83.7876 min:71 max:96 nr crits:4 crit min:101 crit max:126"

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