Brittle BladeEdit


Sometimes when strength of arms or sorcery won’t do, the silent blade is the answer. The God-Emperors of Khitai have known this truth for centuries and they have often had cause to use the services of the Brittle Blade.

Once a death cult formed around the ritual of human sacrifice, time has changed the Brittle Blade so that the ritual itself is what they worship. They respect the clean kill, the silent kill and the untraceable kill. They worship the goddess of death and they claim that when death comes, a man of courage can grasp her tightly and ask of her a question which she must answer truly.

The Brittle Blade enjoys the chaos which has come over the empire. They have never had as many contracts as they have right now. The Scarlet Circle use them to silence those who become too vocal in their opposition of Yah Chieng.

It is said that the Brittle Blade were also the ones responsible for the death of the old emperor – on the orders of Yah Chieng and their own elusive master.


Northern GrasslandsEdit

- Cloaked Kill

  • Blunders and Noisy Death

- Marking the Territory

  • Hunting Shadows
  • Banner of Blood

- Harbinger of Chaos (Coppice of the Heart)

  • Underworld Assassination
  • The Perfect Assassin

- Torching the Burned (Reliquary of Flame)

  • Hunting the Messenger
  • The Fury
  • Peace Averted

- A Slow Death (Vortex of the Storm)

  • The Guardian of the Monasery
  • It Has Begun

Kara KorumEdit

- Craving the Goddess of Death

  • Where Corrupted Sleep...
  • Among the Corrupted
  • The Madeness of Tin-jong

- Death From Above

  • The Powers Above
  • Mysterious Attractions
  • Delivering the Power

- Essence of Destruction

  • A Corrupted Crown
  • With a Heavy Head...

- Luring the Corrupted

  • Deciving the Diseased
  • Leading the Broken
  • A Bloody Mess

- Servant of the Blade

  • An Ally in the Darkest Place

- The Bones of Warriors

  • Fallen Guardians
  • The Broken Empire
  • Splinters of Shadow

- The Edge of Death

  • A New Edge for the Blade
  • The Crater Water
  • The Test Subjects
  • The Three Deaths

- The Invisible Slayer

  • Death to the Death Dealer
  • Down the Bloody Trail
  • Further Down the Bloody Trail
  • The Bloody Clues Gathered
  • The Red Trail
  • The Red Forest

- The Needle of Eternal Night

  • The Untouchable Shadow
  • A Shadow Slain

- The Pride of Pra-Eun

  • The Tiny Statue
  • Feeding the Mysterious Hunger

- The Way the Water Flows

  • Where the Water Runs...
  • Samples of Chuakah
  • The Serum of Reduction
  • A Small Task

- The Work of a Dead Man

  • The Body in the Road
  • An Incomplete Contract
  • Death in Fengdu

- Wondrus Venom

  • Valley of Venom
  • Eight-Legged Freaks
  • Venomous Delivery

Chosain ProvinceEdit

- Done Deed

- Baio's Betrayal

  • Seeking the Sapling
  • Vengeance for the Blade
  • A Crushed Rebellion

- Bloody Bargains

- Contract Killer

- The Greatest Fighter In The World

  • The Fighting Four
  • The Strongest of Them All
  • A Coward Among the Brave
  • All Challengers Defeated

- The Missing Contracts

  • A Thief in the Midst
  • Shadow Vengeance

- The Perfect Kill

  • An Insult Repaid
  • Hiding the Evidence
  • Forever Gone


- A Balanced Blade

  • To Slice a Shadow
  • The Shadows That Bleed

- A Gruesome Mesage

  • Bloody Retribution
  • Gory Scarecrow
  • To Frighten Shadows

- A Messenger in Disguise

  • A Proper Disguise
  • The Deadly Message
  • Deliverance
  • A Commander's Demise

- A Traitor Among Us

  • Shadow of a Traitor
  • Treascherous Tidings

- Cutting Through the Shadows

  • Feeding the Hungry Graves
  • The Dead Thieves

- One Less Traitor

  • Sign of the Traitor
  • Seeking the Traitor
  • Bashing the Traitor
  • The Traitors Song
  • End of a Traitor
  • Traitor's Death

- Orphans

  • Bloody Love
  • The Marriage Gift

- Pursuing Death

  • Meeting a Mentor

- Roots of the Conflict

  • First Fool's Demise
  • Second Fool's Demise
  • Fool's Coin

- The Riddle of Death

  • A Meeting With the Master
  • The Cold Goddess and the Fatal Riddle
  • Riddles Unanswered

- The Staff of Death

  • A Strand of Death
  • To Answer the Riddle
  • The New Master

- The Tree of Death

  • Listening in the Shadows
  • Curse of the Death Branches
  • Dead men Steal No Staffs

Armor SetsEdit

Fengdu, Kara Korum (550, 130)Edit

Faction Cloth ArmorEdit
Dungeon Light ArmorEdit

Cove of the Blade, Paikang (995, 1345)Edit

Dungeon Cloth ArmorEdit
Faction Light ArmourEdit

Faction WeaponsEdit

Faction Items & AccessoriesEdit


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