Blessing of Mitra (spell)
Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 30
Max rank 1
Mana Cost 285 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Channeled Spell
Range 15 m
Casting Time 8 seconds

Recast 75 seconds

Channeling Blessing of Mitra

The priest channels a blessing on a friendly target, reducing damage inflicted on them and when completed the priest and their ally inflict bonus damage for a short time. Anyone affected by this spell cannot be blessed again for a short time.


  • This spell is learned through the Blessing of Mitra feat.
  • While channeling on a friendly target, the spell pulses a buff on the target which ward off damage (+20 Damage Deflect),
  • After the channeling is complete, both the priest and the target recieves a buff to damage lasting 20 seconds, but also gain a debuff called "Recently Blessed by Mitra" which render them both unable to be the recipient of the Blessing of Mitra spell for 60 seconds.
  • If the channeling is interrupted and the target has recieved one or more pulses of the blessing, the target will also get the "Recently Blessed by Mitra" debuff.
  • The 20 second damage buff grant +10% Base Spell Damage, +38% Weapon Damage (Ranged) and +38% Weapon Damage (Melee).

Related FeatsEdit

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