These border Kingdoms are a dangerous and usually lethal environment. The rivers that coarse through their valleys, or the rolling grass plains that stretch between the mountains are more likely to be stained with the blood of fallen warriors, as they are anything else.

Each zone will be home to a number of pre-defined locations where a Keep may be built, but unlike the PVE player towns there will be a limited number of zones on each server where you can build a battlekeep, blood will have to be spilt to hold these most coveted of locations.

These zones will also be fully PVP enabled, you had best have your weapon at the ready if you dare to venture there as the Battlekeeps will not be the only reason to seek out bloody conflict in the border kingdoms. Each of the Border Kingdoms will be home to a series of other objectives as well, all offering the chance for the skilled to demonstrate their death dealing talents.

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