Balthus was a deerhunter in Tauran, but decided to move to the Aquilonian border towards the Pictish Wilderness. While walking around the forests, he met Conan hunting down Picts. Balthus joined Conan back to Fort Tuscelan where they decided to go after the Pictish wizard, Zogar Sag. Together with a team of rangers, they went deep into the Pictish Wilderness to kill Zogar Sag. They were discovered by the Picts, and of the team only Balthus and Conan survived. The Picts had gathered and marched on the Aquilonian border. Conan and Balthus tried to warn the fort, but were unable to reach the fort before the Picts. They were, however, able to warn many villagers on the border.

Balthus, together with the dog Slasher, were able to ensure the escape of many of the women settlers by sacrificing themselves. They were able to kill many of the Picts before they were overpowered.

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