Baal-Pteor is a Kosalan and one of Totrasmek's servants. He's an enormous man, higher than Conan and with huge arms. As an infant he was chosen by the priests of Yajur to become a strangler, a way of sacrificing to the god.

Baal-Pteor met Conan when he was trying to save the girl Zabibi from Totrasmek. Baal-Pteor was a guardian to prevent Conan from getting to the girl, and the two ultimately ended up attempting to strangle each other. Baal-Pteor, confident in his ability to strangle humans as he had done this since childhood, attempted to strangle Conan, underestimating the Cimmerian's strength. Conan did not try to fend of the Kosalan's hands, but went directly for Baal-Pteor's neck himself. Baal-Pteor was unable to break through the Cimmerian's extreme neck muscles, and Conan, having grown up breaking the neck of Cimmerian bulls, snapped the Kosalan's head of it's vertebrae.

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