Aura of Infusion

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Aura of Infusion
Aura of infusion icon
Class Dark Templar

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 4 seconds

Effect Chance on getting damage, Aura of Infusion on self
Chance on recieving spell damage, Aura of Infusion on self

Duration 4 hours
A long lasting invocation, it grants the caster and any of their company a chance of recovering health when attacked. Only one Aura may be active at any time.

Note: Aura of Infusion effect has a duration of 6 seconds, the "Effect" heal below occurs when first triggered, the "Effect Over Time" heal occurs until the effect expires.

Rank Mana Cost Level Effect Effect over time
1 122 ?? 9 5 every 1 second
2 182 ?? 16 8 every 1 second
3 240 ?? 22 11 every 1 second
4 330 ?? 29 15 every 1 second
5 412 ?? 31 15 every 1 second

Note: the feat Improved Infusion affects this spell.

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