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5 ranks, Tier 3

This is an Aspect buff, you can only have one Aspect buff on you at any one time.

Insta cast buff and a 5s cooldown to activate/deactivate.

You can have Aspect A running, and provided it has been running for more than 5s, you can click Aspect B which will instantly turn off Aspect A and instantly turn on Aspect B.

Adds to natural (i.e. in and out of combat) health, mana, and stamina regen. Invulnerabilities lowered by 15% when activated.

Needs to be reactivated after zoning (not known if this is a bug).

Was a highly rated feat by many Bear Shamans even though it has a hefty penalty of extra damage taken but on 12/06/09 it got nerffed. Too early to tell how it is regarded post-nerf.

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