Here you'll find a list of articles written about Age of Conan in the media.

Article from Itavisen June 7, 2007

Preview of Age of Conan (Norwegian)

Article from June 6, 2007

Preview of Age of Conan (Norwegian)

Article from Catch-Gamer June 3, 2007

Preview of Age of Conan (Norwegian)

Article from Curse-Gaming May 21, 2007

"On the 21st of May, I had the opportunity to once again visit Funcom HQ and meet up with their Product Manager, Jorgen Tharaldsen"

Article from Submitted by BMunchausen on May 12, 2006

"Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures, gamers like me can enter that world and finally test their mettle in the gritty, brutal setting of Conan the King."

Article from Submitted by Jeremy Goldstone on May 12, 2006

"What really separates "Age of Conan" from other MMORPGs is the combat. In most MMORPGS, combat is turn based and one-on-one. Even if there is a group, characters attack one at a time. In "Age of Conan," combat takes place in a real-time, closer to a hack and slash game than a traditional MMORPG."

Article from Submitted byJakob Paulsen (Ventura) on May 14, 2006

"I’m not saying this to discriminate people based on their age, but it really isn’t fun for a 30+ year gamer like myself to play with 10-12 year olds in MMO games....."

Article from Submitted by Sean TheDemon Driskel on May 2006

"A well done graphics engine for an MMO, Age of Conan will feature Vista support, and boasting a strong lush tropical influence in the terrain."

Article from Submitted by Jeff Buckland

"Funcom hasn’t delivered a new MMORPG since Anarchy Online five years ago, but their new game is showing plenty of promise. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures mixes single player action with great combat, horse-mounted action, large-scale PvP, player housing, and finally city battles to make one of the most ambitious games I’ve seen this year."

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