Armsman's Tavern
Level 40 - 80

Type Tavern
Connections Tarantia Noble District
Dungeons Armsman's Arena

Armsman's Tavern is a tavern in Old Tarantia. The cellar of the ale-house is home to the dungeon Armsman's Arena. It is located in the Tarantia Noble District.


From Age of Conan:

On the surface, anyone entering the tavern sees a civil enough drinking den, catering to people across Tarantia's spread of social levels. Underneath, however... that's where the fun begins, and where the real money is thrown around, with each drop of blood that spills.

Quests starting in Armsman's Tavern Edit

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
Curses of Travius Blacktongue I + III Talk to Travius Blacktongue
The Thief TBD TBD Talk to Sarissa
Obtaining the Noble Arena Key I + II + III - Talk to Luco the Bouncer
The Chef TBD TBD Talk to Juan
In Defense of Beauty II Talkto Nathaniel
The Love of a Countess I + III Talk to Countess Albiona after completing In Defense of Beauty

Quests involving Armsman's Tavern Edit

  • Crom's Champion

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Aquitus (342.3, 219.3 upstairs)
Countess Albiona (317.5, 209.6)
Diminitus (349.2, 229.3)
Eliane (352.2, 211.7)
Feronia (345.1, 211.4)
Gaurus (323.1, 226.1)
Gavion (356.4, 210.6 upstairs)
Juan (340.6, 205.6)
Luco the Bouncer (339.6, 203.4)
Marco (340.8, 205.6)
Nathaniel (313.0, 210.9)
Sarissa (333.1, 226.3)
Servius (346.6, 205.8)
Travius Blacktongue (347.3, 226.7)

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