Armsman's Arena
Region Aquilonia
Type Dungeon
Connections Armsman's Tavern

Location Edit

The Armsman's Arena is located in the basement of Armsman's Tavern in the Tarantia Noble District. To gain access to the arena you must complete the quest Obtaining the Noble Arena Key from Luco the Bouncer, right next to the entrance to the Arena.

Description Edit

The Arena contains a single NPC, Announcer Melotedus, who grants players two quest chains, one solo and one group. To receive quests in the solo chain, ask to "spill some blood", and to receive quests in the group chain, state that you'd "like a challenge". The quest chains consist of quests to kill a series of increasingly difficult boss mobs in the arena, starting at level 40 and ending at level 58 (you must be at minimum level 54 to receive the final quests). Upon receiving a quest from Melotedus, enter the arena and click the gong to spawn the boss. You must defeat each boss before proceeding to the next boss quest.

Solo Quests in Armsman's Arena Edit

Level Quest Quest reward
40 The Arena Bear
42 The Arena Panther
44 The Arena Snow Leopard
46 The Arena Tiger
48 The Arena Gorilla [Fanged Necklace]
[Burnished Ring]
50 The Arena Sabretooth
52 The Arena Lion
54 The Arena Swamp Demon
56 The Arena Dark Beast
58 The Arena Mantis Man

Group Quests in Armsman's Arena Edit

Level Quest Quest reward
40 The Arena Pict Chief
42 The Arena One Armed Gladiator
44 The Arena Blasphemous Bulk
46 The Arena Werewolf Slasher
48 The Arena Waxman
50 The Arena Black One [Bloodsinger]
[Cry for War]
52 The Arena Laskaris Minion [Gutstrap]
[Whispersilk Drape]
54 The Arena Ghoul Guardian [Stalwart Ring]
[Vortex Gem]
56 The Arena Giant King [Gale]
58 The Arena Undead Axeman [Saintly Protector]
[Jagged Cut]

NPCs Edit

Announcer Melotedus (134.7, 242.9) is the sole NPC in this zone.

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