Armor in Age of Conan was said to be highly customizable.

Claiming over 1500 armor sets available, you would not expect to see many clones. However, the common consensus from other players is that the majority of the armor looks the same up to and beyond level 40.

Various armor sets include.

Stygian Edit

  • Stygia Cloth Cotton (female)
  • Stygia Silk Cloth (female)
  • Stygia Medium Splintmail (male)
  • Stygia Heavy Splintmail (male)
  • Stygia Heavy Bandedmail (male)
  • Stygia Heavy Fullplate (male)
  • Stygia Medium Splintmail (male)
  • Stygia Light Studdedleather (male)

Argossean Edit

  • Argossean Heavy Fullplate (male)

Aquilonian Edit

  • Aquilonia Cloth Wool (male)
  • Aquilonia Cloth Wool (female)

Cimmerian Edit

  • Cimmeria Light Hide (female)
  • Cimmeria Heavy Halfplate (male)
  • Cimmeria Light Leather (male)

Vanir Edit

Vanir Acolyte (armor set)

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