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Rank 0/1
35 points spent in this line

Improves the Guardian Spirit Spell by causing each team member to heal the entire team when the spell expires. Also, when you cast Mitra's Searing Eye on a target effected by your Lingering Flames debuff, there is a 33/66/100 % chance, based on the number of feats spent in Sacred Fire, to gain the Sacred Guardian buff. Sacred Guardian makes your next Smite instant cast and mana free, but the damage is reduced and it is unable to be a critical hit.


  • The Sacred Guardian buff lasts for 5 seconds.
  • Sacred Guardian reduce Base Spell Damage of Smite by 60%, but reduce casting time by 100%.
  • Sacred Guardian give Smite -200% Critical Chance, making it pretty much unable to score a critical hit.

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