Apprenticing allows a lower level character to group with a (much) higher level character and compete with the higher level character on an even footing by raising the character's Attributes to the appropriate (higher) level. The difference between characters can be up to 20 levels to start the apprenticeship.

Two (or more) characters in AoC entering into a teacher-apprenticeship relationship will artificially augment the lower level character's effective level. The lower level character will have the chance to hit as a character of the augmented level, although will not increase Damage output. For example, if a character is level 32 and is the apprentice of a character level 40, the apprentice will have a chance to hit as if he were actually level 39. Furthermore, the amount of XP gained for the entire party will be calculated using the augmented levels, though individual characters are subject to an XP cap.

To leave this relationship one need only right click on his own health bar and select "Leave Apprenticeship".

Summary of Apprenticeship EffectsEdit

  • Apprenticing Character's To-Hit probability increased, by an unknown formula, to something near (but below) teacher's level.
  • Apprentice Character's damage output, skills, and abilities remain at actual level.
  • XPs are adjusted based on character's altered levels and party composition.
  • Teachers may have more than one apprentice at once.


Combat Level checks vs. NPCsEdit

When a character performs a hostile action (attack/spell) toward a mob, a level check is performed first. The level check seems to be a linear curve based on mob level vs. player level ranging from +0 to +5. When the the mob level is +5 player level, damage is reduced to a small fraction of what it is at +0, and a character's spell resist rate increases dramatically. It doesn't seem to get much worse after +5, but beyond +5 you're doing such a small fraction of 'normal' damage that any further decrease is irrelevant.

Effects of Apprenticing on Combat LevelEdit

When a lower level character is apprenticed to a higher level character, Combat Level checks for the lower level character will now be checked as though they were the higher level.

Fictitious ExampleEdit

  • Level 50 Mob vs. Level 44 Player = +6 Level Check = Many misses, miniscule damage on hits.
  • Level 50 Mob vs. Level 44 Apprenticed to a Level 50 Player = +0 Level Check = Normal Hit Ratio/Damage for a Level 44.

Effects of Apprenticing on Combat RatingsEdit

Apprenticing does not appear to change a character's attack, defense or magic ratings. Unless it's not represented in the UI (entirely possible), apprenticing only changes a character's combat level, thus allowing them to attack and hit a mob of much higher level than the character otherwise would be able to. The character will still do attack/spell damage as they would against a mob of the appropriate Combat Level check.

Fictitious ExampleEdit

  • Level 40 character vs. Level 40 mob = +0 Level Check = 100% damage.
  • Level 40 character vs. Level 45 mob = +5 Level Check = negligible damage
  • Level 40 Character vs. Level 80 mob = +40 Level Check = negligible damage
  • Level 40 character (apprenticed to a Level 80 character) vs. Level 80 mob = +0 Level Check = 100% damage.

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