Terrifying in size, strength and stature, the Hyborian great ape comes in many colors and from many different territories across the world. They have very little to fear from most of their natural neighbors. These savage beasts are always willing to rend an armored man limb from limb if it means protecting their home or getting a quick meal. They are fast and powerful, able to split forged metal with their bare fists like shale. It is no surprise that these aggressive animals are hunted not for flesh or fur, but to keep their numbers down and protect nearby settlements.

Fighting with their metal-bending fists and bone-crushing jaws, they are huge beasts able to withstand a great deal of punishment. Some might think them just “dumb animals”, but there is a clever cunning behind their sloping brows. Hunters surviving encounters with the hulking towers of sinew and muscle claim that they can cross great distances in long strides, ignoring the pin pricks of arrows until they are within their considerable reach. While perhaps not as deadly as some of the creatures of Hyboria, the great ape is one of its most recognizable threats.

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