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Disclaimer: This Armory section is intended as a backup to the AoC is Better Than TV Armory website - it deliberately and shamelessly apes it.

After recent disruptions to AoC is Better Than TV, and the ealier loss of Yellow Gremlin, I thought it was prudent to transpose over all the item information.

It's an excellent resource, and all praise must go to those who maintain it. I recommend checking it out. It would be a shame to see it disappear - hence this section on the wiki (just in case!).

Age of Conan ArmoryEdit

I will try to keep the structure of listing as close as possible to how they are displayed on the AoC is Better Than TV, within the limitations of the Wiki format.


Consumable BooksEdit

Brittle BladeEdit

Children of Yag-KoshaEdit


Jiang ShiEdit

Last LegionEdit

Scarlet CircleEdit

Scholars of Cheng-HoEdit

Shadows of JadeEdit

Tamarin's TigersEdit

Wolves of the SteppesEdit

Yellow Priests of YunEdit



House of CromEdit


Dragon's SpineEdit



Unchained ChestsEdit

World BossEdit

PvE Tier 1Edit

PvE Tier 2Edit

PvE Tier 3Edit

PvE Tier 3.5Edit

PvE Tier 4Edit


PvP Tier 1Edit

PvP Tier 2Edit

PvP Tier 3Edit

Unsorted ItemsEdit

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