Find the God Mitra and qualify for AoC Beta keys and 3-month game cards courtesy of Funcom
The god Mitra has gone missing and the prayers of Hyboria go unanswered! Do you have what it takes to find Mitra in the harsh world of Conan? Scattered throughout this wiki, you will find clues to aid you in your quest to discover the whereabouts of the missing god. Good hunting!

How it Works

  • To start the quest for Mitra click here, and use the clue to lead to the next page.
  • Every correct answer will have a clue on the page, if you can't find it, go back to the clue and try again.
  • There are five stages, and finding the final location will contain a link for you to send an email to an account set up for this event.
  • The Event begins April 14th, and runs until April 21st at 12:00 UTC
  • Make sure you submit a valid email address, as winners will be notified via email. Include the following information:
    • The Final resting place of Mitra
    • Your Name


  • Prizes to be awarded will include:

Giveaway Details

  • Participants will be picked at random amongst submitted email addresses by Wikia.
  • There will be one drawing for each of the ten (10) prizes.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
  • If prize is unclaimed after 72 hours of notification to the email address provided, another participant will be picked at random.
  • Admins Daworm and Zido will be administering the contest with the help of Wikia Staff members and will not be eligible participants.
  • Should you have any questions, they can be addressed here

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