Amphitheatre of Karutonia
Level 63-70
Amphitheater Main
Region Cimmeria
Type Dungeon
Connections Ymir's Pass

This large and vibrant dungeon is located in Ymir's Pass, designed for players level 63-70. It hosts a total of four boss encounters, which will certainly leave any young adventurer content to have been here. If you're aren't doing it for the sheer enjoyment, there's much loot to be gained here, with a very nice looking set of gear for every class. There's also a questline that ends here that involves freeing the Frostfather, which offers a choice of one of two epic cloaks as a reward.

Denizens Edit

Bosses Edit

  • The Dimensionalist - This boss will appear quite similar in form and function to the Summoners faced while on your way to him. However, do not make any assumptions as he is quite different. Make sure to dispatch any foes you see pathing around this general area to ensure they do not interfere with the fight. He will spawn adds periodically and their handling will be vital to the group's success. It is important to note that these adds are not minions, and he can spawn as many as three at a time. He perdiocally casts an AoE spell that can severly hamper the group's efforts. He will also go invulnerable for a time, when he is glowing a very noticable shade of yellow. The most difficult part of this fight is finding a way to deal with juggling the adds and the boss. They should be grouped and killed off as quickly as possible and the focus should be shifted to the boss while waiting for the next add wave.

In patch 3.4 Abyssal keeper and Spirit of Khan was moved out of the dungeon and are now a solo encounter outside in Ymir's Pass.

  • Abyssal Keeper - This boss can do some nasty damage with his bow, so be extra careful to let the tanks get and maintain aggro. At 75% he will run into a cage and let loose one Vortex Stalker, at which point he will cease his damage output. The lone Stalker should prove quick to kill. Once the Stalker is down, he will emerge from his cage. Once again, let your tank(s) get firm aggro of him before you start to dps. At 50% he will run into another cage and set loose two Vortex Stalkers, and again he will cease his damage output. Once both dead, he will again emerge. At 25%, he will set loose one Stalker, but this time he doesn't stray from the fight. He stays with the Stalker and continues to fight. At around 10% he goes to his last cage and sets loose two more Stalkers and again will fight with them. Once he dies, the Spirit of Kahn will emerge from the giant cage in the middle of the room.

  • Spirit of Khan - A giant leopard-like boss who spawns after the Abyssal Keeper is killed. He is effected by Crowd Crontrol skills so be sure to use them. He is purely tank and spank. After he is killed a bunch of minions will spawn which shouldn't give the group any difficulty to down.

  • The Devourer - This boss is found lurking around just below the large complex housing the Frostfather, where there are treacherous pools of lava. Be cautious while traversing this area. This boss needs to be pulled fairly close to where the chain ends. Once he is there, the group will dps him down to a little less than 30%, at which time he will vanish and the chain will be vulnerable to being cut. Only those who have the Axe of Ymir in their quest inventory will be able to cut it, which is received via a questline that involves killing Ymir's Champion. Make sure at least one person has the axe before attempting this instance, as you will not be able to complete it otherwise. Once The Devourer vanishes, and the chain is being cut, adds will spawn. There are not many of them, but be sure to keep them away from the chain cutter. Once the chain is broken, The Devourer will spawn and the group will need to take him the other side. Once there, it is the exactic same tactic, with the exception of a mana/stamina draining spell The Devourer will continually spam, titled Thirst of the Devourer. If you need to get away from it, hide on the other side of the small wall-like partition from where The Devourer is being tanked. Again, once down to a little less than 30%, he will vanish and the adds will spawn. Once the second chain is broken, he will spawn for the final and last time. Take this fight slow and use the partition once again to your advantage when you need to regenerate some mana/stamina.

Unchained Edit

In patch 3.4 Funcom added a lvl 80 version of this dungeon, the Unchained mode.

Team setup: 2xTanks, 1xTos,1xPom/BS, 1xMage, 1xDPS There is no specific need for a Rogue, but Tanks, Mages, and priests must have their class AA perks. Like Resolve, SF and UC.

The Tos can use SF to remove a torment on the last boss, but you can also have 1-2 mages instead of the ToS, as long as the main tank runs away when the torment is cast.

Note: It's possible to run back from death on all bosses, so use that to prevent wipes.

Gear requirement: All players should be in good gear, protection + health gear is usefull on all classes as it's hard to completly avoid that the team takes damage at times.

The Dimensionalist (Portal Boss) StrategyEdit

The boss can not be moved and is tanked where he stands.

The boss does Fire Damage, so the MT on the boss need protection gear, 50%+ is best. The LL protection set also works well, as the boss does critical hits too.

Note: as long as the ruin is removed quickly the MT can have as little as 40% fire protection.

The boss does a frontal cone damage, so needs to be turned away from the team towards the portal. A few seconds after the encounter starts two adds will spawn, these do Crushing physical damage, so the add tank need to have physical gear. If you kill the adds 3 adds will respawn after a few seconds, so the best thing is to keep 1 add alive and kite + CC it. Only stun, fear, and root seem to work on the adds.

The adds also critical hits, so critigation gear could be usefull.

The Main tank will also recive a Ruin from the boss, It's called Fiery Ruin , priests need to remove it with SF ASAP, or the tank will die, as it does -50% Fire migtation.

Every 25% the boss does a areawide knockdown. At 50% the boss will bubble, at this point stop hitting the boss but continue to kite the add, and just wait for the shield to disapear about a minute later.

Note: Don't hit the boss while he's bubbled at 50% as it's a reflective shield, and you risk killing yourself.

Abyssal ConvokerEdit

He's located downstairs inside a caged area. He does Physical (Crushing) and Fire magic damage. He is mostly tank and spank with a few abilities. He does some frontal cone spells so dps should always stay behind or atleast on the sides. If you die you can just run back from ress pad.


  • Eviscerate: This spell is basicly a tank killer, the tank who hold aggro is first stunned, then at the end of the cast the tank is one shotted. The spell has to be interupted with stuns, or knockbacks etc. Important: Don't interupt this spell at the beginning of the cast, as the tank is stunned and the boss will often cast Blazing Maw after it, wait untill towards the end of the cast to allow the tank to get out of the stun and escape the next spell cast if needed.
  • Blazing Maw: It's a chanelled frontal cone spell, unlike Frost Whip in Palace it does damage from the start of the spell and not just at the end. Tanks need to run to the sides when this is cast.
  • Hellish Influence: It's a moderate area damage spell around the boss. Players who can't take much damage has to run out of it, while tanks for example can stay in. Depends on how much survival gear you have. Note: The player who stands furthest away from boss at the end of this cast will be debuffed with -50% fire migtation, but the player can also innfect other players with it if he comes too close, the player should just remain alone at range and wear it off.
  • Scorching Wrack: It's a stackable wrack put on tanks, it does -25% fire migtation each stack, so should be removed with resolve asap.

At 75/50/25% some adds will spawn, you don't have to kill these adds however, there is a light circle area you can run to that will protect the players, and just wait for the adds to despawn.

The DevourerEdit

He walks around downstairs, but the intended mechanic is to spawn him by using the axe up at the frostfather. The person who clicks the axe gets a Ymir's axe in quest inventory and can cut the chains, players who also have the axe from the old quest chain can also cut it.

The Frostfather is held down with 2 chains, these have to be cut with the axe during the encounter.

The fight is basicly like this: Tank & spank untill 50%, at 50% 3 adds will spawn, when adds spawn one player must run and cut a chain. The boss will heal up, and after the adds are dead, take him down to 50% again, and cut the other chain, kill adds again, and bring boss down to zero health.

Like the other encounters in AoK there is some frontal cone damage, so dps should stay behind the boss, he has various damage abilities but the one to note is:

  • Blast of the Devourer: This is a torment put on the aggro holder and those around him (should be MT), it's important that tanks get this debuff removed. Mages can remove it with the UC AA ability, and the ToS can also remove it with their SF AA ability.
  • Tip on the Torment: If the tank who have aggro move out of range, only that tank will get the torment, instead of the entire team, which means you don't need a Tos with SF, but can do with a mage with UC.

Important: Try not to kite this boss, as it's very easy to reset him that way.

Dealing with the adds: Every time the boss reaches 50%, 3 adds will spawn, they first stay stunned for 15 seconds before they become active, the problem is that they're quite far from each other so not so easy for a single tank to get aggro on all. So you'll need a strategy, necro and DS pets can help a lot here.

One possible solution: The tank who have boss aggro, try to aggro one add while the team focus dps on this add until it's dead, while the off tank try to aggro two of them. They hurt alot if clothies get them, so the tanks need to get aggro.

Note: The loot has a bad habbit of disapearing on this boss atm!

Loot: Relic of Dark Blessings, Abyssal Sting, Grimwrest, Toil of Woes, Bloodbane, Abyssal Gale, Devourer's Ring of the abyss, Harbinger of Acheron, Abyssal Slicer, Pain's Edge

Note: the weapons appear to be a rare random drop from any of the bosses.

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