Trained in various pharmaceutical and metallurgical arts, the Alchemist specializes in creating various compounds with strange and seemingly unnatural effects.

Utilizing both common and rare ingredients found around Hyboria, those trained in this art may provide many useful consumables to their allies for use both in and out of battle.

Some alchemy supplies are available from trade merchants, while most must be located in game. The most common sources of Alchemy ingredients are the various Alchemist's Caches found off caster mobs within the game.

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Dropped Alchemist Recipes Edit

There are 14 known Alchemist drop recipes with at least 1 more that details are needed for. These recipes make components used in Culture Armor and Weapons as well as the Tainted Alkahest for removal of gems from an item.

The pending recipe is Transformation which will allow the alchemist to break gems into lower tier gems resulting ina more than 1 of that lower tier gem and helping balance level 80s that need a level 40 gem but don't wish to farm for them.

Here is a table of information on the Recipes with s Slot left open for the transform details. Since Patch 1.05 changed some of the drop locations please note that you might not be able to get the recipes in the place noted as those were the pre 1.05 locations.

Alchemy Dropped Recipes
RECIPE NAME Ingredients Batch Yield Where used Last known recipe drop location
Black Gold

5 Black Silver

5 Gold

5 Strange Mallaeable Alloy Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith
Royal Gold

2 SIlver

6 Illustrium

2 Gold

8 Strange Mallaeable Alloy Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith

2 Tin

8 Duskmetal


Strange Mallaeable Alloy

Unforged Crest of Ibis

Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith
Zhemrian Bronze

3 Copper

1 Tin

3 Black Silver

3 Gold

4 Strange Mallaeable Alloy Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith

2 Copper

1 Illustrium

4 Gold

2 Strange Mallaeable Alloy Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith

1 Copper

6 Silver

2 Duskmetal

1 Magnetite Powder

1 Strange Mallaeable Alloy Atzels Fortress, Brokk the Smith
Bronze 4 Cistern Alchemy Table

3 Copper

1 Tin

3 Electrum

3 Illustrium

6 Cistern Alchemy Table

3 Copper

1 Tin

1 Black Silver

4 Cistern Alchemy Table

2 Copper

2 Silver

1 Fine Black Sulphur

3 Cistern Alchemy Table
Decorative ZIrcite

2 Tin

8 Uncut Zircon

10 Cistern Alchemy Table

2 Copper

2 Tin

5 Electrum

1 Uncut Azurite

3 Cistern Alchemy Table

2 Copper

2 Silver

1 Black Silver

4 Cistern Alchemy Table
TAINTED ALKHAHEST 1 Gem Removal Xibaluku
Transformation * (Need details) Unknown (Commons mentioned by Funcom)
Strange Malleable Alloy (epic level 80)

10 Shards

10 Royal Gold

10 Zhemrian Bronze

10 Darksteel

10 Black Gold

10 Tumbaga

10 Purlwire

20 Crystalline Flux

10 Aqua Regia

1 To craft epic ingredients for epic armor or weapons Can be bought for 10 Simple Relics III and 1 Gold from Shawabti, NPC Merchant inside Thoth Amon Stronghold (located in the room after the Keeper of the Artifacts)

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