Alchemist's Caches are objects which contain a number of alchemical ingredients. The most common of these, the [Alchemist's Offal Creel] will drop randomly from any killable human mob or NPC of level 40 or greater. The other four -- the [Crude Alchemist's Cache], the [Minor Alchemist's Cache], the [Major Alchemist's Cache], and the [Exceptional Alchemist's Cache] will only drop from human casters of level 40 or greater (the better caches drop off higher level mobs). Additionally, any mob which can drop a cache may also drop individual alchemical ingredients from the type of cache they can carry.

Known Contents of Caches Edit

The known Alchemist's Caches and their potential contents are:

Game History of Caches Edit

Alchemist's Caches were added in the 02 July 2008 patch in order to provide alchemists a better means of obtaining the ingredients they need for various potions and consumables. At that time, the patch notes read, "Mages and Priest mobs will now drop an Alchemists Cache randomly, which contains random resources for the level-range where it was found. This will make it possible to obtain the resources that have not been dropping for alchemy."

With the 29 October 2008 patch, this was ammended to: "Enemy Caster NPC's will now drop 'Crude, Minor and Major Alchemist Caches', which contain various alchemical reagents. The quality of the Cache will vary at different mob-levels. In addition, the Casters will also have a chance to drop an 'Exceptional Alchemist Cache'," and "Enemy Non-caster NPC's will now drop an 'Offal Creel' item, similar to the 'Exceptional Alchemist Cache', containing specific types of alchemical reagents."

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