Known as the god of lust, pain and death. Al'Kiir is primarily worshipped in Ophir. He has been known to wield a dagger and whip, and wears bracers and armlets bearing his own likeness around each arm. Al'Kiir has a massive body, half again the size of any human man, with 6 claw-tipped fingers and toes on each hand/foot. He appears in the form of a hideous monster with four horns, three lidless black eyes and a broad, lipless mouth full of needle-like teeth. In ages past, he was worshipped in ancient Ophir and demanded the sacrifice of beautiful women as "offerings." In return, he gave his worshippers great power. A band of mages known as the Circle of the Right Hand Path opposed Al'Kiir with the help of Mitra and Asura. As a result, Al'Kiir was magically entombed inside of a mountain which became known as Tor Al'Kiir. Lady Synelle freed Al'Kiir from his captivity using the statue of Al'Kiir, but Conan blocked his return to earth by throwing the Staff of Avanrakash into the god's heart.

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